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3M DIAMOND GRADE ʵԡз͹ʧ 3M Reflective Tape Դö, Դ


ʵԡз͹ʧ  3M 983 Diamond Grade
ᶺз͹ʧ͹ ô Ѻҹ˹
3M Dimond GradeTM Conspicuity Markings
Description :
• çҧ Prismatic Lens Technology ͺѺëԹѧդçзҹ
• ҧ٧蹹з͹ʧẺ١Ƕ֧ 16
• з͹ʧ෤ջԫ ͧҧʴط
• 繪Դա㹵 (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) öԴŧ鹼ǵҧдǡ
• ͧ ᴧ Ҵ˹ҡҧ 55 50 բѺᴧ ˹ҡҧ 50 . 45
• ѺСѹ 7 ͵Դ駵й 3M
• ҵðҹ ECE Regulation
3M-983-32 բѺᴧ 2 x 45 .
3M-983-10 բ Ҵ 55 .. x 50 .
3M-983-71 ͧ Ҵ 55 .. x 50 .
3M-983-72 ᴧ Ҵ 55 .. x 50 .
Product Description
             3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 and
3M™ Flexible Prismatic Conspicuity Markings Series 963 are highly reflective
and are pre-coated with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive for application
to most clean, dry, wax-free, non-corroded, weather resistant surfaces. The adhesive
is protected by an easy-release liner. 3M™ conspicuity markings are intended to be
applied to the side and rear perimeter of vehicles in a continuous stripe to enhance
visibility and recognition by motorists. Markings can be applied to flat surfaces
(with and without rivets) and non-compound curved surfaces with a radius greater than 5 inches.
                For application to corrugated vehicles, apply the marking to the bottom and top rails
or between corrugations if adequate flat surface is available. Application is not recommended
to rusted or corroded metal, loose or chalking paint, irregular shaped framework, bolts, rivets
larger than 1/2 inch high, support plates, corrugations, within 1/8 inch of door hinges, exterior
posts, weld joints, the end of the vehicle surface, or within 3 inches of mandated lights, reflectors,
or turn signals.

 õԴз͹ʧö÷ءҧ١ͧ Сȡâ觷ҧ


3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Marking Series 997S

ᶺз͹ʧ͹ô Ѻ




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